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Skincare and Therapeutic Essential oils  - Basic, Natural & Clean

Yein & Young is a minimalist skincare range to detox your skin after years of being exposed to chemicals and pollutants.


Why Yein&Young?

Yein&Young Guiding Principles

Less is best.

We keep our list of ingredients for each Yein&Young product at a minimal, leaving out chemicals and ingredients that are harmful or simply just not necessary.


Cream of all crops.

We use only the best grade of organically certified plant oils and butters for natural sustainable beauty.


Zero nasty chemicals.

The organic certification of our ingredients promises that no harmful chemicals, pesticide and insecticide residues will end up on your skin or in the environment.


Better with glass.

We work to reduce the use of plastics in our packaging to ensure zero chemical leaching while being friendlier on the environment.


Eco-friendly packaging.

It’s back to basics even for our boxes and printer materials. We use only all natural materials which are 100% biodegradable and unlaminated.

How To Personalize Your Unscented Bases

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