OPSITE FLEXIGRID has been medically proven to provide a moist wound healing environment by retaining the natural wound fluid which contains vital nutrients for faster and less painful healing.


Breathable Bacterial Barrier

Conformable and Elastic with Body Movement

Low Friction Film

Low Allergy Adhesive

Medically Proven

Non Adherent to Moist Wound Surface


Waterproof Note : The dressing should be left in place until the wound has healed. Do not wear the same dressing for more than 14 days. In some circumstances, the fluid will be visible under the film. If leakage occurs, change the dressings. To remove the dressing, lift one corner and slowly stretch the film in a motion that is parallel to the skin.



For minor burns, blisters, grazes and stitches.



Seek medical attention immediately for all serious wounds and burns or if redness or discomfort occurs.

Smith & Nephew OPSITE FLEXIGRID Waterproof Film Dressing 6cm x 7cm 5s

SKU: AA00310
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