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Pure Brush


Dye Free

6 Months +

Ultra Sensitive

Non Toxic


As sensitive as it is effective, the Pure Brush is exactly that — free of BPA, dyes, and harmful chemicals. Designed for the delicate teeth and gums of 6+ month olds, it softly massages the whole mouth as it works to remove plaque buildup on your little one’s tiny teeth.


Safe, sensitive & easy cleaning.

The smooth, cornerless oval brush head with over 8,000 pliable, vegetable-derived bristles is specifically designed to get tiny mouths extra clean without any worry about harming your baby when you brush correctly.


Easy-grip tapered handle.

After extensive research and feedback from parents just like you, the easy-to-hold handle is designed to fit just as effortlessly in a little one’s hand as it does in yours to enable soft and delicate brushing.


Cleaner process for a cleaner product.

All RADIUS brushes are bio-based, recyclable and biodegradable. So you don’t have to worry about BPA or synthetic dyes.

RADIUS Kids Toothbrush - Pure Brush (6 months +)

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  • ADA (American Dental Association) Accepted
    Non Toxic
    FDA Approved