The go-to remedy for your whole family.

This natural-tasting syrup will give mums a fuss-free experience when its medicine time. With innovative non-drip design to eliminate counter mess.

Pleasant taste.


Suitable for all ages especially infants and children *


Available in 100ml and 200ml


Belongs in every household


Contains Prospan® EA 575

Non-drowsy, no added sugar, alcohol and colorings


*For infants

Suitable for:

Cough relief for common cold or bronchitis

Throat irritation

Phlegm reduction


Dosage Guide:

1 – 5 years - 2.5ml, 3 times daily

6 – 11 years - 5ml, 3 times daily

12 years & above - 5ml – 7.5ml, 3 times daily


MAL 19963195T

KKLIU 0383/2017

Prospan Cough Syrup 100ml

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