The Trusted 2-in-1 Eye Formula with Clinically-tested Lutein + Zeaxanthin to Protect Eyes from Harmful Blue Light & UV Rays

Live-well OCCUsharp is an eye formula with concentrated lutein and zeaxanthin from standardized extracts of marigold flowers.

Antioxidant carotenoids such as lutein and zeaxanthin (plant pigments) can play an important role in protecting eye health through the years.

It is found that zeaxanthin is highly concentrated in the macular while lutein is more prominent at the edges around the retina. Concentrated in the lenses, retina and macular, these 2 carotenoids provide antioxidant protection to the eyes against Ultraviolet (UV) light from sunrays as well as harmful blue light from computer and TV screens to smartphones and “tablet” computers.



Who Will Benefit:

  •  Aged over 40 years with:
    • Eye fatigue due to overstraining
  • Computer Users
  • Golfers and Outdoor Sportsmen



  • Promotes healthy eyes
  • Protects eyes from harmful blue light & damaging UV rays (from sunlight)
  • Prevents excessive free radical damage to eyes
  • Increases concentration levels of Lutein & Zeaxanthin antioxidants in the eyes


Pack Size(s)

30 Liqfil™ Capsules


How to Take:

1 capsule daily after meals



Active Ingredient Per Capsule


Marigold Std. Ext.

Standardized to contain min. 15% Lutein ( Provides Lutein 10 mg)

68 mg

Marigold Std. Ext.

Standardized to contain min 40% Zeaxanthin (Provides Zeaxanthin 5 mg)

12.5 mg



What makes Live-well OCCUsharp special?
Live-well OCCUsharp contains high potency of zeaxanthin (5 mg per capsule).


Live-Well Occusharp Eye Supplement (3 x 30's)

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