Feel youthful vigor and fascinating appearance with “Beauté-health Potion!

The specialty of “Beauté-health Potion

Reverse signs of ageing and helps you grow biologically younger!



  • Complete “Beauté-health Potion
  • Reduces skin imperfections and wrinkles
  • Protects skin cells from UV-rays
  • Alleviates body aches and joint inflammation
  • Rejuvenates and re-energises body cells for better quality of life



  • Snow Lotus Stem Cell is a U.S. (US 61/290252) and Japan (JP 2009 - 299220) patented age-defying ingredient. It is rich in flavonoids (antioxidant) to promote healthy cells function such as to rejuvenateold cells and to repair damaged cells.
  • RNA are responsible for cells rejuvenation. They protect and repair cells so that cells can regain its regenerative function to its best state. They also reduce fatigue, improve mental sharpness and improve immune health. 
  • Collagen Peptide (Fish) in small molecule size allows immediate absorption by the body to plump up skin. 
  • Chicken Cartilage naturally contains moisturising agent that helps to hydrate and lock-in skin moisture, leaving skin supple and delicate.


How to Use

Usage: 1 bottle a day, preferably before breakfast or bedtime. 
Shake well before drinking. 
Keep chilled for delicious taste.

First-time users: 1 bottle a day for a consecutive period of 6 days.

For maintenance: 1 bottle every 2 days.

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