An exquisite blend of coffee with Garcinia Cambogia imbued with rich and subtle flavour that brings you a delightful experience. A great natural way to feel energized and light.

1. Boosts energy and alertness. 

2. Promotes bowel movement. 

3. Beneficial in slimming and burn stored fat for energy.


Why we picked Robusta Coffee over Arabica Coffee? : 

• Higher chlorogenic acid

• Stronger aroma

• Richer taste

• Lower acidity

• Better improvement of concentration and mental alertness

• Increase basal metabolic rate more effectively


Direction for Use

Mix 1 sachet with 150ml hot water



Premium Robusta Coffee Bean, Soluble Corn Fibre (Promitor®), Garcinia Cambogia, Brown Sugar.



If you are pregnant, lactating or under medication, please consult physician before taking any nutritional product.

Kinohimitsu Skinny Coffee 20g x14's

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