Botrem Restoractiv - Balancing Regimen Hair Shampoo (235ml) and Botrem Balancing Regimen Hair Conditioner (235ml)

99.0% Natural Ingredients Suitable for normal and sensitive skin




Dry or oily conditions causing dandruff or blocked pores inhibiting hair growth are gradually neutralized by improving scalp and pore function. This resulting gain in scalp energy palpably helps fortify follicles while stimulating its growth.


Ingredients rich in antioxidant and cleansing properties leave scalp with an intense ultraclean sensation. Its nourishing nutrients give a desirably honest hydrated naturally textured feeling yet with added follicle density and softness.

IMPORTANT: If allergy or irritation develops due to sensitivity, please discontinue use. Some users may experience light itchiness during initial use. This is normal and temporary as skin is being repaired.


Intructions – Botrem Restoractive wash is densely concentrated. Squeeze a small amount, lather and rinse.

Botrem Restoractiv - Hair Shampoo (235ml) and Hair Conditioner (235ml)

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