Pycno®sight 75mg contains 75mg high strength maritime pine bark extract (Pycnogenol®) from France.

It is a clinically tested antioxidant for eye health maintenance.


What is Pycno®sight 75mg?

Pycno®sight 75mg contains natural plant extract, Pycnogenol® from maritime pine bark (Pinus pinaster) that grows exclusively along the coast of southwest France. Pycnogenol® consists of highly bioavailable antioxidant called procyanidins and phenolic acids that helps to protect the eyes from oxidative stress damages.


How does Pycno®sight 75mg help in supporting optimal health?

Pycnogenol® is an antioxidant to protect eyes cells and tissues from lipid oxidation Pycnogenol® protects blood vessels in the eye


Who are recommended to take Pycno®sight 75mg?

People who want to maintain eye health

People aged 40 years old and above

People who are active in outdoor activities


What is the recommended dosage?

Adult: 1-2 tablets daily with food or as recommended by your pharmacist.


What are the features of Pycno®sight 75mg?

75mg high strength original Pycnogenol® imported from France

Clinically studied antioxidant ingredient for safety and quality

Natural and safe

Protect blood vessels in the eye



None known



French Maritime Pine (Pinus pinaster) Bark Extract 75mg

Standardized to 65% procyanidins  


Pack size

30 tablets




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