1500mg crystalline glucosamine sulfate with orange flavor for osteoarthritis.


What is Flexsa 1500?

Flexsa 1500 contains sodium-free crystalline glucosamine sulfate in a powder form which is readily soluble in water. With these kind of properties, Flexsa 1500 provides better absorption and higher bioavailability. 


How does Flexsa 1500 help in maintaining joint health?

Crystalline glucosamine sulfate in Flexsa 1500 stimulates the synthesis of proteoglycans, the building blocks of the cartilage matrix. It has been demonstrated that 1500mg glucosamine sulfate retarded the progression of knee osteoarthritis and is effective in treating osteoarthritis symptoms.


Who are recommended to take Flexsa 1500?

People with mild to moderate osteoarthritis Osteoarthritis patients with medical condition such as high blood pressure


What is the recommended dosage?

Adults: Take ONE sachet daily after meal, mixed into 200-250ml of water


What are the features of Flexsa 1500?

Crystalline glucosamine provides higher solubility & bioavailability Contains scientifically proven therapeutic dosage for glucosamine sulfate (1,500mg).

Clinically proven comparable to its originator.

With orange flavor to help increase compliance.

Once a day dose.



Contraindicated in patients who are hypersensitive to glucosamine / shellfish allergy.

Those with type 2 diabetes and those who have problems with glucose tolerance should have their blood sugars carefully monitored if they use glucosamine.

Not to be taken by pregnant and lactating mothers



Glucosamine sulfate 1500mg


Pack size

30 sachets




BiO-LiFE Flexsa 1500 30SX2+6S SACHETS

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