Scientifically proven 10,000mg Hydrolysate Collagen with raspberry flavor for cartilage regeneration. 


What is Flexigen?

Flexigen contains a special composition of natural bioactive collagen (hydrolysate collagen) – shorter-chain collagen obtained by special enzymatic degradation of collagen which stimulates human cartilage cells to build new joint collagen and proteoglycans 1.


How does Flexigen helps in joints health?

When orally administered, within 12 hours, 95% of hydrolysate collagen will be absorbed from the intestine and then it will pass into the synovial fluid and diffuse to the chondrocytes (cartilage cells) to:

  • Supply the building blocks for cartilage regeneration
  • Stimulate the production of collagen & proteoglycans
  • Strengthen the muscles surrounding the joints
  • Slow down or stop the progression of cartilage degradation


Who are recommended to take Flexigen?

  • Those who are suffering from osteoarthritis
  • Athlete or Individual who perform high intensity exercise
  • Individual 45 years old and above who wish to maintain joints health
  • Those who cannot consume glucosamine due to type 2 diabetes and seafood allergy 


What is the recommended dosage?

Adult: Take ONE sachet daily with/without meal, mixed into 200 – 250ml of water


What are the features of Flexigen?

  • It comes with Raspberry flavor
  • Contains shorter-chain collagen for better absorption
  • Contains scientifically proven therapeutic dosage for hydrolysate collagen (10,000mg)
  • Designed with FORTIGEL® technology with high bioavailability for fast reaction
  • Collagen product with an approved claim: “Hydrolysate collagen helps to promote healthy joints” by National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency



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Hydrolysate Collagen (Fortigel®)        10,000mg


Pack size

15 sachets, 15 sachets x 2




BiO-LiFE Flexigen Powder 10G 15 SACHETS X 2

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