Natural vitamin E for antioxidant effects.


What is ENAT 400?

ENAT 400 is derived from natural vitamin E with high biological activity and it is readily absorbed by the body as compared to synthetic form of vitamin E.


How does ENAT 400 helps in general health?

As an antioxidant, ENAT 400 protects against damage caused by free radicals which often leads to premature signs of aging.


Who are recommended to take ENAT 400?

Elderly Women: To maintain the beauty and promote anti-aging effect of the skin


What is the recommended dosage?

Adult: ONE to TWO capsules daily after meal or as recommended by your health professional


What are the features of ENAT 400?

Natural source of Vitamin E

Once-a-day dosage



None known



Natural D-alpha tocopherol Vitamin E 400IU  


Pack size 100’s bovine gelatin soft gel capsules




BiO-LiFE ENAT 400 (100S)

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