CoQ10 75mg is a nutritional supplement in maintaining healthy body.

CoQ10 75mg is essential to replenish the low CoQ10 level associated with statin treatment to improve energy production and antioxidant status.


What is CoQ10 75mg?

CoQ10 75mg provides 75mg of coenzyme Q10 per capsule.

Coenzyme Q10 is a naturally occurring fat soluble, vitamin-like substance found in the energy-producing centre of the cell known as mitochondria.

CoQ10 can be synthesized by the liver or obtained from foods such as oily fish, organ meats and whole grains. Level of CoQ10 decrease as we age.


How does CoQ10 75mg help in supporting optimal health?

CoQ10 75mg is important in energy production.   CoQ10 75mg is also an antioxidant, which may beneficial for health.

CoQ10 75mg simultaneously regenerates other antioxidants in the body such as vitamin E.  


Who are recommended to take CoQ10 75mg?

People who are on cholesterol-lowering drugs

People who want to maintain their health

People who always feel tired  


What is the recommended dosage?

Adults: 2 capsules once daily with meal or as recommended by your pharmacist or doctor.


What are the features of CoQ10 75mg?

CoQ10 75mg provides 75mg CoQ10 per capsule

CoQ10 75mg gives optimum absorption of CoQ10 with soy bean oil-base due to the lipophilic nature of CoQ10.


Caution If you are on warfarin therapy, please seek medical advice before using

Pregnant women and nursing mother should avoid CoQ10 supplements


Ingredients Coenzyme Q 10 75mg (Ubidecarenone)    


Pack size 30 softgel capsules x 4




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