(Clinically Proven against Acne)

Clearance is a blackcurrant juice powder mix added with lactoferrin, a clinically proven natural bioactive protein derived from milk.

Clearance is designed specifically for the reduction of blemishes and redness associated with a poor complexion.

Clearance is not only to combat acne, but also help to promote skin healing and recovery for a healthy skin complexion.


What is Clearance?

Clearance contains the cow milk protein complex, known as lactoferrin.

Clearance formulated with lactoferrin works by reducing the growth of bacteria responsible for skin impurities, helping to prevent and reduce the formation of acnes to achieve a smoother, clearer, healthier skin complexion.


How does Clearance help in maintaining skin health?

Lactoferrin is clinically proven to reduce acne bacterial growth on the skin.

Lactoferrin helps to reduce acne and pimple, blemish, blackhead, whitehead, skin oiliness as well as skin redness from inflammation.

Lactoferrin possesses antioxidant activity which controls the lipid peroxidation that can induce the formation of acne on skin.


Who are recommended to take Clearance?

Teenagers and adults suffering from acnes

Those who wish to have clear and healthy skin complexion


What is the recommended dosage?

One sachet daily mixed with half a glass of water.


What are the features of Clearance?

Bioactive protein complex rich in lactoferrin formula Blackcurrant flavor

Once-a-day dosage

Suitable for vegetarians



None known



200mg of Milk Protein Complex Rich in Lactoferrin 


Pack size 30 sachets

BiO-LiFE Clearance (2.2GX30S)

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