How do you manage your daily stress?

Stress is debilitating in so many ways and hence managing your stress is very important so you can have a healthy and balanced day. I begin my day with the ‘end in mind’ (A habit of Stephen R.Covey). The way I look at each day is precious; I have been given this day and I want to ensure I nurture it as much as I can. Now don’t get me wrong, there are days where stress creeps in, but basically if I use the following, I will enjoy a balanced day.

Point 1. Meditation, Visualization and Gratitude. My meditation is 10-minutes. I usually do this in bed, sitting up, eyes closed and quiet. Music is fine, but for me it is the silence that helps me focus. Breathing is important so become aware of your breath, moving in through your nose and slowly out your mouth. Any negative thoughts that come in, just observe them and then let them go. Visualize your goal for the day as if you have already achieved it. Name what you are grateful for. Doing the above allows your mind to focus.