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Crown Herbal Extract

Phaleria Marcocarpa is a plant native to South East Asia long kept a closely guarded secret by practitioners of traditional herbal medicine. Each part of the plant provides a specific benefit and when combined provide the highest health benefits as bioactive plant compouds are activated. Crown Herbal Extract is 100% pure without fillers and binders providing the highest quality possible.

Antioxidant Powerhouse

Crown Herbal Extract is a proprietary formulation of Phaleria yielding an anti-oxidant ORAC reading of 462,000 umol (tested by FRIM) setting a new standard. There is no comparative product or umol reading. 


Each capsule contains our proprietary formulation packed in a bottle and sealed to retain efficacy and freshness. It is advisable to drink plenty of plain water.

  • For general health, take one capsule per day after meal.
  • For treatment, take two capsules once or twice a day after meal.
  • Refer to the FAQ for combination with other herbs for maximum efficacy.

(Not recommended for pregnant and lactating women, and for children below 6 years of age unless under advice/ supervision.

DO NOT consume if anaemic or if suffering from external or internal bleeding. Resume consumption when wound is healed or adequately treated)

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Crown Herbal Extract Capsule (60 Capsules)

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