Mini You!

Children are sometimes referred to as a ‘Mini You’ not only because they look like you, but they also act like you. They learn this through observing the actions of adults around them. Parents and adults can influence lil’ ones at a very young age to have healthy eating habits. That may mean moderating (or completely eliminating) junk food… scary thought, we know!

Parents can foster good eating habits especially during meal-times together. And instead of canteen food, make/pack healthy and fun breakfasts & snacks for school.

  • Grapes, berries, fresh (organic) nuts, cheese and yoghurt make for great, easy-to-pack snacks and require minimal preparation time
  • Make it a point to fill up half of their (and your) plates with fresh green vegetables at meal times
  • Encourage healthy dips such as hummus, Greek yoghurt and organic sugar free peanut butter for them to dip their veges in to make it fun and tasty!
  • Make fresh fruits accessible as their favorite go-to snack
  • Serve ice-cream, cake, chocolates and candies as occasional treats, not weekly ones!

As adults, we can lead by example; change your dietary choices to healthier ones so your children have a good example to follow

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