1.0 – General

What is doctorDB™?

doctorDB™ is a healthcare platform that allows users to search for healthcare providers such as Doctors, Clinics or Hospitals. doctorDB is available on iOS, Android and via a web browser. doctorDB allows users to search and obtain detailed information about healthcare providers. We aim to empower users to make informed decisions before deciding on a healthcare provider.

What can you do on doctorDB?

Todays consumers are smart and like to be well informed prior to purchasing a product or service. Consumers research information online, look at reviews and ask friends, family and community for more information. This is even more true of people looking for a healthcare provider.

doctorDB helps you find the right healthcare provider. Here are some of the things you can do on the doctorDB platform:

  • View detailed information of healthcare providers Find all the information you need about a healthcare provider.
  • Search for a healthcare provider in your area You can search for the best rated Doctors, Clinics and Hospitals. You can also search by Medical Specialty. The results will list the top rated healthcare providers in your area.
  • View top healthcare providers near you View the Top Doctors, Top Clinics, Top Hospitals and Top Specialties around you.
  • View ratings See detailed ratings of the healthcare provider.
  • Write a review Help the community and empower others by writing a review.
  • Connect your Social Media account(s) Connect your doctorDB account to your Facebook. This allows you recommend healthcare providers to your Social Network. It also allows you to see recommendations and reviews of your Social Network friends.
  • Recommend healthcare providers. Recommend your favourite doctors, clinics or hospitals to your Social Network.
  • Receive recommendations Get recommendations from your Social Network friends.
  • Search for a healthcare provider while on the go. Download the mobile app on iOS or Android to search for Doctors, Clinics or Hospitals while on the go.
  • Navigate Get directions to your appointment
  • Shortlist Make a shortlist of your favourite or potential healthcare providers.

Is this platform free?

Yes, the doctorDB platform is absolutely free for patients to use and is available on iOS and Android! Note: Accessing the doctorDB platform requires an internet connection. If you make phone calls to healthcare providers via the doctorDB app, carrier charges may apply. Please check with your telecommunications provider.

How do I use the platform?

The platform is very easy to use. Type your query in the search bar and the platform will display appropriate results based on your search query. You can also narrow your search based on: a) Location b) Top doctors, clinics, hospitals or popular specialties c) Names of healthcare professionals

Is doctorDB available in other countries?

doctorDB is only available in Malaysia for now. We are working hard to bring the platform to consumers in other Asian countries.

2.0 – Information displayed on the platform

Where do you get your information from and are they up to date?

Our database is compiled from various data sources including information available in public records, information available in public domain, yellow and white page directories and other sources. While every effort has been made to provide accurate information, doctorDB cannot be held accountable for errors and omissions.

Are the healthcare practitioners listed genuine healthcare practitioners?

We have attempted to ensure that all listed Healthcare providers are licensed to practice by the respective regulator/Ministry/Medical Council in the country. While every effort has been made to provide accurate information, doctorDB cannot be held accountable for errors and omissions.

Do healthcare professionals need to apply to be listed on the platform?

We have taken great care to include all healthcare providers. If you are a healthcare provider and your details are not appearing in our listings or wish to update/enrich your information on our platform, please email us at hello@doctordb.com.

What if the healthcare professional that I'm searching for is not listed in the database?

If you know of healthcare providers that are not listed on doctorDB, you can email us with their details to hello@doctordb.com. Please note that information we receive will have to be verified before we list them on our platform.

Is doctorDB endorsed by any healthcare providers, insurance or pharmaceutical companies?

doctorDB is not a referral service and does not recommend or endorse any particular Healthcare Provider. Rather, doctorDB is only an intermediary that provides selected information about Healthcare Providers. We do not offer advice regarding the quality or suitability of any particular Healthcare Provider for specific treatments or health conditions, and no information on this healthcare platform should be construed as health or medical advice. Please note that doctorDB is not a healthcare provider and does not offer any medical services. Please review our Terms of Use policy for more details.

3.0 – doctorDB's features

3.1 Write A Review

How do I write a review?

Writing a review is simple and easy:
1. Select a healthcare provider. Example: ABCDE Medical Centre, Kuala Lumpur.
2. Click on the button Write a Review.
3. Rate your healthcare provider by tapping or clicking on the hearts. Please select the location of the consultation when writing a review for a Doctor.
4. If you wish to seek the detailed ratings for a healthcare provider, please click on View Overall Rating.

Why do I need to have an account to write a review?

We want to make sure that only verified members (and not bots) become a part of our trusted community. We want our users to view trustworthy and reliable reviews in order to make informed decisions on their choice of healthcare provider. To ensure this, users have to sign up to write a review.

Is my review anonymous?

doctorDB respects your privacy. Your name or email address won't be shown on the website/app. However, if you connect doctorDB to your Social Media account(s), family and friends who are also on doctorDB can view your recommendations. Likewise, you can see their recommendations.

3.2 Recommend to friends and family

How do I recommend a healthcare provider to friends or family members?

Click the Recommend button on the healthcare provider's profile you wish to recommend. You can then select your friends and/or family members that have connected their doctorDB account to their Facebook account. Click on the 'Recommend to Friends' button and your friends will receive a message.

Can I ask for a recommendation?

Yes, you can ask for a recommendation. Simply click on a profile of a doctor, clinic or hospital and click on the Ask For Recommendation button. You can then select the friend(s) you want the recommendation from and click on the Ask friends for recommendation button. You can only ask for a recommendation when you have connected your doctorDB account to your Social Media account(s) and when your friends have done the same as well.

3.3 Shortlist

Why do I want to shortlist?

To have a quick listing of all your favourite and potential healthcare providers.

How do I shortlist healthcare providers?

Click on the Shortlist button on the profile of the healthcare provider you want to shortlist.

How do I delete healthcare providers from my shortlist?

To delete healthcare providers from your Shortlist, go to the Shortlist pageand then click on Remove from Shortlist or Remove ALL from Shortlist. To delete a healthcare provider on the App, go to Shortlist under My Dashboard, select the healthcare provider you want to delete and click the Remove from Shortlist button.

3.4 Get directions

Where is a healthcare provider located?

You can find the best healthcare providers near you by turning on your location services. To search for a healthcare provider in another location, please click on 'Change location'.

How do I get directions to the location of the healthcare provider?

Go to a healthcare provider's profile and click on 'Map & Directions' to see where the healthcare provider is located or on 'Location' when using the App.

4.0 – Social media

Why should I connect my doctorDB account to my social network account(s) like Facebook?

Connecting your social network account(s) allows users to display trusted reviews from your family and friends. In the same way, they can view your recommendations.

What information will be used from my social network account?

We use information from your social network account in order to determine which of your friends has provided ratings and reviews. Only you & your friends can see each other's' ratings & recommendations on doctorDB. Please review our Terms of Use policy for more details.

How do I disconnect my social network account(s)?

In My Profile, click on the link Disconnect from Social Network to disconnect your social network account(s).

5.0 – Your profile

How do I register on doctorDB?

Creating a doctorDB account is simple, fast and completely free. Go to www.doctordb.com or on the app you will be referred to the Sign In page. Click on 'New User?' to register for an account.
1. Fill in your email address, password, date of birth and a mobile number. A valid mobile number is required.
2. Agree to doctorDB's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
3. Click on the Sign Up button.
4. An email will be sent to your inbox and a SMS code will be sent to your mobile number.
5. Click on the Activate Now button in your email. If you have not received the email, please check your spam folder. The email might have been identified as spam mail. Add us to your address book.
6. Enter the SMS code you have received on your mobile number and your account will be activated.

Why must I be above 18 years of age?

doctorDB is only accessible for those above the age of 18. This is to protect minors from seeking and obtaining healthcare information without the supervision of a parent or guardian.

I cannot log in and it says that my account has not been verified, what does it mean?

Please check your inbox with the email account you've registered with. Upon opening the email, click on the "Activate Now" button. You will be re-directed to our platform and key in the code that was sent to your mobile number.

Why do you need to verify my email address and mobile number?

Verifying your email address and mobile number is part of our secure 2-layer process to ensure genuine users and no bots are part of our healthcare platform.

I forgot my password, what should I do?

If you're having issues signing in with your doctorDB password, click on Forgot Password. You will be prompted to provide the email address that you used to register on doctorDB. You will receive an email to reset your password.

How do I change my password?

To change your password, go to My Profile and click on Change password. You will be prompted to key in your current password and a new password.

How do I change other information on My Profile page?

To change your information, please go to the My Profile page. Add or change your information and click on the button 'Update My Profile'.

Is my information protected?

doctorDB does not sell, share or trade your personal information collected online with unknown third parties. Personal information collected online will only be disclosed within our corporate group and to third parties we partner with. Please review our Terms of Use policy for more details.

6.0 - Contact us

For more information about our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and/or general enquiries, please email us at hello@doctordb.com